Places I’ve been

The journey of this long weekend took me a lot of places I’ve never been before.

Friday was a lot of driving and running around. The adventures at the Thai Consulate somehow resulted in these interesting shots…



…and a trip to the Grove. I have never walked into the Grove that far…or during the day. Last and first time I was there, we were out drinking a night and didn’t venture deep into the place.


Saturday was also a lot of driving and running around. The tea party in Sierra Madre for coworker Candice was a lot of fun. I have never been to a proper tea party or in Sierra Madre before. A quaint little town full of rich people it looks like. Heh.



Then, the haircut in Pasadena with MaryAnne. I ran late but she managed to get me beautified enough to get the death stares at Babies R Us it seemed. Hahah! I was going to hang out with Celeste in Pasadena but she also ran late to another commitment so I called it a day and headed home.

I got a bit of downtime while waiting for Brandon and Erik to go play frisbee golf and pick up steaks for dinner. I made sauteed mushrooms and roasted potatoes. The boys came home with groceries and a few orders of garlic naan. There’s an Indian restaurant next to the Plowboy’s so they couldn’t resist. Between that and all other stuff we nibbled on while waiting for the 2 New York steaks to marinade and cook, I was surprised that all of us had room for steaks and fixings. And aside for a cup serving of potatoes, we ate everything.

A little scary it seems, but we did have Erik with us. 🙂

Sunday has been a reversal of the past 2 days.

The entire day I have only been to 4 places: the bathroom, the couch, the computer and the kitchen.

I had Brandon picked up some pork chops yesterday so I could make the slow-cooked smothered pork chops. While I cooked those bad boys for the crockpot, I managed to whip up breakfast of scrambled eggs and home fries made out of leftover potatoes from last night along side the dinner. Talk about being efficient, huh?

After that? I was on the couch for the rest of the day until I had to assemble dinner and clean up.

I watched Volver. I LOVED it. Now I have to go back and watch All About My Mother and Talk To Her.

Being a trailer junky, I also watched all of the trailers. The Valet looks fantastic and The Italian looks good too. Foreign films that I have watched so far have been French, Italian, and Spanish. But The Lives of Others looks compelling enough for me to give German a chance.

Once again I am reminded why I’m not interested in Hollywood-ish movies these days. You have to look to the indy or foreign film to get something fresh.

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