Places I’ve been

The journey of this long weekend took me a lot of places I’ve never been before.

Friday was a lot of driving and running around. The adventures at the Thai Consulate somehow resulted in these interesting shots…



…and a trip to the Grove. I have never walked into the Grove that far…or during the day. Last and first time I was there, we were out drinking a night and didn’t venture deep into the place.


Saturday was also a lot of driving and running around. The tea party in Sierra Madre for coworker Candice was a lot of fun. I have never been to an official tea party or in Sierra Madre before. Quaint little town full of rich people it looks like. Heh.



Then, the haircut in Pasadena with MaryAnne. I ran late but she managed to get me beautified enough to get the death stares at Babies R Us it seemed. Hahah! I was going to hang out with Celeste in Pasadena but she also ran late to another commitment so I called it a day and headed home.

I got a bit of a down time while waiting for Brandon and Erik to go play frisbee golf and pick up steaks for dinner. I made sauteed mushrooms and roasted potatoes. The boys came home with groceries and a few orders of garlic naan. There’s an Indian restaurant next to the Plowboy’s so they couldn’t resist. Between that and all other stuff we nibbled on while waiting for the 2 New York steaks to marinade and cook, I was surprised that all of us had room for steaks and fixings. And aside for a cup serving of potatoes, we ate everything.

A little scary it seems, but we did have Erik with us. 🙂

Sunday has been a reversal of the past 2 days.

The entire day I have only been to 4 places: the bathroom, the couch, the computer and the kitchen.

I had Brandon picked up some pork chops yesterday so I could make the slow-cooked smothered pork chops. While I cooked those bad boys for the crockpot, I managed to whip up breakfast of scrambled eggs and home fries made out of leftover potatoes from last night along side the dinner. Talk about being efficient, huh?

After that? I was on the couch for the rest of the day until I had to assemble dinner and clean up.

I watched Volver. I LOVED it. Now I have to go back and watch All About My Mother and Talk To Her.

Being a trailer junky, I also watched all of the trailers. The Valet looks fantastic and The Italian looks good too. Foreign films that I have watched so far have been French, Italian, and Spanish. But The Lives of Others looks compelling enough for me to give German a chance.

Once again I am reminded why I’m not interested in Hollywood-ish movies these days. You have to look to the indy or foreign film to get something fresh.

ETA: You will also notice the new and improved…kind of…feature of this blog: password protected. No, I don’t have a stalker. LOL. I don’t like it, but hey what’s a girl to do.  My avid readers and friends, if you need to read the protected entries, please email me for password. That is all. 🙂

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