Signs of a good time

1. List of food stuff include carne asada, green chilli marinaded chicken, full taco station, spicy chicken soup, 7-layer dip, freshly made guacamole, buckets and buckets of cookies, ice cream, and strawberry strata I made (which folks thought it was a lasagna until Brandon once again mentioned to them it WAS dessert).

2. List of alcoholic beverages include Newcastle, fancy red wine, Lychee sake, and strong margaritas.

3. List of discussions include “Oakley has a tail“, sexy gay geeks, wine tasting gone street i.e. Greg M. described the white wine that it tastes like “it has a baseball bat and it says [motion the beating] ‘I’m a Chardonnay! I’m a fucking Chardonnay!!!'”, a website that helps you use Ecstasy safely, and very strange sexual position terms.

4. 2 burly grown men singing “The Greatest Love of All” on Karaoke Revolution duet mode and had the highest scores of the entire evening.

5. 2 burly grown men mentioned in #4 weren’t drunk.

Oh yeah. Good times at James & Aurora’s as always. 🙂

P.S. While out with James, Brandon also bought me Karaoke Revolution and microphone for me. Hence the second mic for the duet. And from now on, I can totally rock my ass off at the house! Yey!

P.S.S. I’m now off to another BBQ. Busy weekend, indeed!

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