I thought after this weekend of activities–AIDS Walk, graduation dinner, and the wake–I
would get to relax and pack like a mad woman.


The only thing that relaxed was my immune system, it seemed.

Kids. I’m sitting here with a sore throat and zero energy.

And it’s T-minus 2 days.

I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning.

And running to Office Depot to buy more address labels I completely screwed up today at work because I was fighting to get through the day and get things done.

And running to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription.

Then running to town to finish a long day of work, preparing for my time off.

I think my friends and family will have to miss out on the Weevil Cookies one more year. I can’t possibly be fighting off whatever the hell it is I’m having, be at work late, and come home to make cookies and be on the plane the next night. No fucking way.

Holy hell am I exhausted.

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