Comedy Bits

Another sign of madness. I just paid $3 for 1 hour of internet at the hospital, thinking that I can catch people at the office and do a little work while we wait to transfer my mom.

It’s 11 a.m. here. For some reasons I thought it’s 9 a.m. PST…when it is actually 9 p.m.

Somebody needs her Starbucks.

But since I already paid for it, I might as well just use up the hour.


There has been as surge of street walkers around Lumpini Park since I left. When we were driving mom to the ER on Friday, my dad told me to keep a look out.

“Does that remind you of Hollywood Boulevard?” he asked as we rounded the corner from Sarasin, a famous little strip of clubs. Accordingly to my brothers, Sarasin has turned into a little West Hollywood except for the one bar that hasn’t changed since the 70s, the Brown Sugar.

And sure enough, girls in super short skirts lined the streets, waiting for customers.

“Isn’t this a wrong market for the girls?” I asked. “Wait. Are those REAL girls?”

Hey, we have some awesomely beautiful ladyboys around here. I had to ask!

On the way back from the hospital around 2 a.m., my brother started to tell me to watch the park as well. We only saw one on this side of the park instead of the throng of them my dad and I saw earlier.

“That’s pretty slow for a Friday night,” Onk said.

“Well, it’s late. Market’s closed,” dad added.


My mom is a huge fan of Academy Fantasia. The mix of American Idol and Big Brother got the whole country in a frenzy. This is their 4th year, I think. Saturday night is performance night so we were trying to determine if the hospital TV has the channel. The concert with commercials is on the public TV channel 9, but the all access is on the special cable channel. The same one that airs the footage of the AF house all day.

“What channel is it on?” dad asked Kob, the caregiver.

“Well, it’s channel 16 on cable. But (becauase we have a few “unofficial” cable boxes in teh house) it’s channel 25 in the dining room at your house.”

Onk added, “And 37 in my room. Oh, and if you want to watch it, Oakley, I think it’s 19 in yours.”


I have this purse hook. You know, you can hang your purse on the table if you don’t have a place to hang it behind your chair? It’s a removable metal thing that uses the purse’s weight to keep in place. When Aunty Sida and another aunty took me out to get lunch yesterday, we were in this little hold in the wall noodle place, safe enough for me. The place was full and there was no chair to put the purse.

I busted out the hook and put all of our purse on it and hung them next to me.

“Wow. That’s kind of convenient,” Aunty Sida said.

The other aunty added, “For America maybe. But here, they’d walk off with the bundle.”

Aunty Sida, “Oh, they can take it away. I don’t have any money in it.”

The other aunty, “How are you paying for your lunch?”

Aunty Sida, “With your money.”


Yep. We have our moments too. 🙂

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