I heart LA

First. Folks, Reggie the Alligator made his debut at the LA Zoo.

A little bit of back story for folks who are not familiar. In 2005, Reggie was dumped into a public lake by, of all people who should know better, 2 ex-LAPD officers because he was too big. Reggie popped up in the lake and scared the bejezzus out of people. All sorts of crocodile experts came by to try to catch him, but he eluded them all even the late Steve Irwin. Eventually, earlier this year, he wandered onto land and that was it.

Brandon and I have been rooting for Reggie to keep escaping capture for the longest time. But now that he is a the zoo, I think Brandon wants to visit. Well, us and the entire city who have been following the saga almost as fervently as any televised high speed chase.

And then, there’s the earthquake that shook Mazing Amy the other night. Our greatest minds on shaking earth over in Pasadena releases yet a fantastic news this morning that, well, we all are going to die.

A likely scenario would have a magnitude-7.8 earthquake strike in the Salton Sea, extending north and west toward Palmdale. Jones predicted the shaking could last more than 100 seconds, kill thousands, destroy homes, collapse the I-10 and I-15 freeways, ignite petroleum pipelines and leave untold thousands homeless in potentially searing desert heat. The long-term effects, she said, could be akin to the economic collapse of New Orleans and the Gulf region following Hurricane Katrina.

[insert YEEEEEY here]


  1. Pond   •  


    1)I’d have been rooting for Reggie too. He looks like a decent/ intimidating croc. It sucks to see these wild animals captures in the zoo where they are belong.

    2) Earthquark (how do you spell this really?) I’d never been in one. Indiana is just boring flat.

  2. Pond   •  

    Correction: I meant to say ‘ it sucks to see these wild animals captured in the zoo where they ARE NOT belong.

    The first comment makes me sound like an ass….lol

  3. Olaina   •  

    Why should we bother correcting our sentences when we’re all going to die anyway? (Reggie included, mind you.) You, do not belong in the zoo…. wasn’t “you belong in the zoo” a jingle or a real song when we were kids?

    I didn’t even know about Reggie. Guess his news didn’t make it past the OC curtain. 🙂

  4. Mel Hall   •  

    Olaina: Yes, “You Belong In The Zoo” was a 60 second radio and TV advertising song written and produced in 1978. The original version was a children’s marching
    song, sung by kids from a church choir with 2 adult female voices mixed in for clarity. The lyrics and
    melody were written by Mel Hall and the musical arrangement was written by David Sheilds. It was recorded at the Studio West Studios in San Diego.
    Research indicates that the song is the most remembered advertisement ever to appear on San Diego
    radio and television. I’m Mel Hall, and I think that’s kind of neat.

  5. Candice   •  

    hi mel,

    I was wondering if you know where i’d be able to get a copy of the song. strange request i know but if you wrote the melody and all 🙂

  6. Mel Hall   •  

    Candice, My Darling Dear: Do you want sheet music or an actual recording of the song?
    Please tell me your intended use. If you’d like, please call me at my home office.
    Cinira Corp., 619 224-1882.

  7. Gemma   •  

    I realise this was written up there months ago – but I’m looking for an audio track of that song. The theme for my birthday is “at the zoo” and that song would be the best possible addition to my playlist for the night!

  8. Mel Hall   •  

    Gemma: Purely by chance I visited this
    page tonight ((3\139) and read your inquiry about a copy of the song “You Belong In The Zoo.”
    I have the song on 1/4 inch audio tape
    and cassette. If you like to pursue this
    situation please call me at 619 222-7337
    I’m Mel Hall, the lyricist , melody composer and producer who created the song and directed the recording session.

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