Pardon my dust

I have just upgraded to WordPress 2.2 and obviously am still working out all the kinks.

Yes, that was why site disappeared for a few moments today and now the side bar is kind of back but not really.  And apparently my RSS feed seems to work for some people but not everyone.  (That is unrelated and I can’t figure that out yet either.)

I’m just not 1337 enough to fix all the problems.  So I dispatched the calvary.  Actually, if YOU happen to know what I am doing wrong, by all means please throw me the bone.  I’d really appreciate it.



  1. lillian   •  

    The RSS feed finally works on my comp! YIPPPEEEEEE

  2. oakmonster   •  

    Oh YeY! Lillian! I’m so happy. Now I should go tell Matt/Lost Boy…

    But I still need to work out all the kinks and get my blogroll back. Sorry kiddies!

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