Nothing brings out the giggles like a free lunch at a fancy schmancy downtown sushi joint.

And some random poetry from elHeffe:

…was a girl named Oakley,
She was so hot they called her Smokely,
And ever did she try,
To sell you pie in the sky,
Disguised as a really expensive table at some awards ceremony for this thing that no one knows about, but Oakley would convince you it was the greatest thing since double-stuffed Oreos.

And Brandon saying to me first thing when I walked in the door:

Baby, can we just order pizza and the potato thing you like and just have a few beers?

Oh, the man knows me!  It’s been that kind of day for both of us.

The potato thing? It’s Pizza Hut’s Quepapas. My totally guilty pleasure and obsession. Essentially, hash brown nuggets stuffed with cheese and jalapeno. I know, it’s sounds gross. And Brandon thinks it was gross. But I tried it , loved it and became totally addicted. As in, I’d eat hash brown nuggets as Carl’s Junior just to get by until we order pizza again. I can’t get it out of my head. I swear to god they put crack in these things.

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