Arrr ye ready?

I have to wake up in about 5.5 hours. Finally, the sugar I have consumed while making and decorating my Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Rum Frosting has worn off. Oh, I made some marshmallow skulls and treasure chests…so I kinda had to eat the ones that didn’t look good. Heh.

Talk Like A Pirate Day is tomorrow. Captain Bubbles be strikin’ dah investers’ meeting in her “Professional Pirate” outfit that oughtta shiver yer timber. Yarrrr!

I’ll put the pictures of the Pirate cupcakes and the 2nd annual pig cupcakes up soon. I promise! In the mean time, I uploaded the old, OLD pictures of the family. Go on over to Flickr to giggle at how cute I was as a child before I was hit by the ugly stick around 12.

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  1. Korbua   •  

    Pirate cupcakes!? I wanna see that and I want one!

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