Brand New Sunday

Of course, and update from yesterday’s post.  🙂

The new big screen?  Awesome.  Brandon and Erik are still configuring the thing out with “Transformers” as our guide.

The TV may be a cause for future marital spat.  Brandon likes the smushed wide screen and hates the gray box on the side if you go regular TV aspect ratio, and I can’t stand the smushedness and therefore don’t mind the gray box.  It all comes down to who has the control of the remote which is usually me.  Muwahahhaah.

The new living room configuration?  It’s going to work out great.  Now the room looks like a monsoon breezed through instead of a hurricane.  I will get you guys a picture once we put most of the things into their proper places.

The new OakMonster’s Cave bookshelf?  I actually had to evaluate how I use my shelf space altogether and I came out with a winning solution.  Organizing the Cave bled into organizing the pantry and I really wanted to get to organizing my bathroom cabinets, but I didn’t quite get there.  Heh.

My new USC Trojans honest-to-God hard hat?  It’s definitely going to come with me to Homecoming, I tell ya!

USC new Quarterback Mark Sanchez?  He’s awesome and if Uncle Pete has the faith like the rest of the fan like me and Amy the Gridiron Goddess and listen to the critic like LA Times’ Jim Plaschke, he would keep the boy and shelf Booty for a while.


Guys, keep your prayers out to the Southern California firefighters tonight as they battle a dozen fires across the south land.  Also pray for folks affected by the fire from Malibu down to San Diego.

Our town is about 30 miles away from the closet fire in Tustin and we are smelling the smokes quite strongly.

It will be an interesting morning to watch the smokes around Downtown LA from my floor.  I will report in on that as well.


  1. Cliff   •  

    RE: New TV
    Oakley you are defiantly in the minority by enjoying your movies/shows in the 4:3 ratio. It has been said by numerous directors that they would prefer there movies watched in it’s true format of wide screen. Your logic is basically like saying “Brandon got one of those fancy new color TV’s today, I prefer to watch all my shows in black & white though”. The shows you watch in 1080i 16:9 wide screen are not “smushed” in fact there laid out in there proper format. Maybe this website will help see the light.

    BTW: I’m with Brandon on this one… =)

  2. oakley   •  

    I guess I didn’t write properly earlier.

    Widescreen movie in widescreen format is fine by me. As the matter of fact, I LOVE that. Didn’t go to USC film school to not appreciate movies in their correct format.

    It’s the regular ratio TV that get stretched out to fit the wide screen and everyone looks like they got stepped on that get me. Like I said, I like things in their correct perspective.

  3. oakley   •  

    Oh, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to watch shows in black and white either. Classics are classics, babe.

  4. Cliff   •  

    If your watching a TV show in 16:9 1080i the picture is not stretched. In fact the screen resolution accommodates the 16:9 ratio. I”ll have to tell Brandon at work about the screen lock he can do so it stays in 16:9 1080i…LOL :)~

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