Midnight Madness

I would not recommend going to bed at half past midnight and waking up at quarter to five in the morning to anybody.

It’s hell, kids.  Pure hell.

But I had to stay up.  I MUST finish my Jedi costume!  Pretty much I freestyled the tabbard and the obi part because like an idiot I threw out the patterns for those pieces.  They don’t look very spectacular but they will serve their purpose.

Now I just pray that my coworkers bring me the rest of my props.  Sonia is loaning me her son’s lightsaber and Nhien is bringing in her belt.

I also finished making the Buy More pocket protector and Nerd Herd ID for Brandon.

Yes.  He’s going to his day job as system analyst as a Nerd Herd employee.

Thank god for “Chuck”.  I mean, we didn’t have any idea for what to dress him up as until recently.

Yep.  We’re ready for Halloween!!

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