20,000 and going

I never thought I’d hit this number of visitors!  But here I am.   It’s a biggy for this humble little ranting personal blog.

Thank you to all of you readers, lurkers and, of course, all of you accidental dropping-inners.  So, just for today, please leave a comment to celebrate an OakMonster’s Den milestone if that is not too much to ask.

My faithful readers: thanks for being here.  I mean, my 20+ a day readership all contributed to you.  Even my faithful lurkers!  I mean, you’re here to read all the time, just never leave a comment.  But just for today, de-lurk for the day, would you?  Leave a comment.  Show yourself.  And even for the first time lurker, please do introduce yourself.  I love to meet new people.  🙂

Now, the accidental dropping-inners.  I am sorry that this site may not be what you were looking for but I am happy that you guys drop by.

Many people come over here looking for the lyrics to “Hey There Vagina”, how to make the Nerd Herd I.D., or to assemble a Rikku costume.  More disturbingly, some of you are here looking for college spanking.  I am horribly sorry to disappoint you here.  Spanking on this site usually means USC Trojans football having kicked someone’s ass.  I wish I could provide you with some fun college action, but sadly, this is not the site.

As an aside, I must say that I am thankful that I’m no longer the reining queen of burping fetish search term, thank you very much.  LOL.

Also many have landed at the OakMonster’s Den because they were looking for the Oakmont Country Club which seems to be one hell of a course and therefore nicknamed Oakmonster.  Or some kind of a wine term called an Oak Monster.  This guy even has a website and logo and commentaries on YouTube.

If you search OakMonster on Google, the first you’ll end up is my old spot at Blogspot.  Then you come on over to here.  But with the new terms popping up for the golf course and the wine, my title on top of the board is a wee bit threatened.

So, love your OakMonster a little and keep coming to visit here, okay?  Don’t let those other bastards pass me up!

Anyway.  Thanks again for coming by.  🙂


  1. lillian   •  

    🙂 you’re welcome !! have a great weekend !!

  2. Penny   •  

    Congrats! I am actually Olaina’s friend and she turned me onto your site. I continue to come back because you interest me because you are Thai. Keep up the good writing and just for you, GO Trojans!

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