Soaking in the good

The obvious joy of the Trojans spanking the fucla bruins and that we are heading to the Rose Bowl was only the beginning.

What did I do immediately after the game? Well, aside from posting the last item. I hopped in the car and headed out to Nhien’s at G-dale for girls night in, celebrating our friendship and my birthday. For once, I got to show up and do nothing. Haha! Amy brought the booze. Nhien provided noshables. Eva made pasta. The main event, the Italian rolled meatloaf by Celeste.

Did I mention that Amy brought the booze?

We started watching Knocked Up but when we paused for dessert, we got into a conversation and we never went back.

And of course, whatever happens at girls night stays at girls night. Except for that very tame picture Amy took of us.


Sunday morning was lazy as well as the afternoon. Brandon and I visited our friends Paul and Lupe for a spell. (Well, actually we were borrowing their carpet steam cleaner.) And we got to play with “the kids”, Molly and Cassie. Now that Molly has grown up a bit, she mellowed out and isn’t so obnoxious any more. Cassie, on the other hand, seems to be getting a bit slow. But then again, what’s a small dog to do against a playful Rodweiler, eh?

Monday came the big news. As I made myself download my bank statements and go over the finance, I suddenly realize that we will be able to actually start saving for the house by this time next year. I mean, like, HOORAY!!!!!!

The vicious cycle we look forward to, being out of debt long enough just to get back into the biggest one of our lives…and owning a house.

Life is pretty good right now, I must say. 🙂

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