Naught and Nice

Hello from the empty void that is Downtown Los Angeles the day after Christmas!

We had a fantastic Christmas dinner last night. I made my first prime rib ever! Using Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Holiday Table as a starting point, I made the horseradish garlic crusted prime rib with wild mushroom sauce, candied carrots and creamed pearl onions. Instead of the potato cake, we had regular mashed potatoes, putting some traditional dish into the otherwise quite “fancy” dinner.

We fed Shane and his dad, Big Erik and K9 Steve. Poor Steve was on patrol last night, so I packed him a to-go box. But he did have a few minutes to eat, so he actually sat down for a meal at our place.

Good times. 🙂

The “Naught” part of Christmas? Hot water.

That’s right, kids. Our hot water went out again. This time, in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. We ran into our landlady, “What am I going to do?! It’s 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve!”

So Brandon and I spent most of Christmas morning boiling water for our bath. This morning, we were up around 5 to do the same.

To add insults to injury, Brandon dropped a drinking glass at Christmas dinner. He swept the kitchen but didn’t quite got everything. And guess who ended up with a shard in her foot at party’s end?

I saw a piece of glass and tried to tweeze it out. It was this itsy bitsy puncture but bled like a geyser. Figured I had half a bottle of wine up to this point. I thought I got most of it and the rest of it should probably work itself out over night. Oh, was I wrong about that.

I took my first gingerly step out of bed this morning. It felt fine so I put my weight on the foot.

I felt the sharp pain all the way in my ears. And I started bleeding again. There was still something inside my foot. At this rate, I was going to go to urgent care and have my foot taken care of. But then, I caught a glimmer of the glass.

Ah. Fuck it. I can do this.

I hunkered down and put the tweezer to it. I got a hold of something and I started the slow, agonizing pull.

A 5-millimeter long, as thick as an acupuncture needle shard of glass came out.

Ouch is right.

Other than that, I think we had a pretty good Christmas. 🙂

ETA: Still no hot water when I got home  I went over to James and Aurora after dinner to use their shower.  A girl has to wash her hair!  Besides, I didn’t want to risk getting a cold.  I have been sneezing my head off all day today.

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  1. Amy   •  

    We had Prime Rib too! 🙂 DELICIOUS!!!!! Not sure yet when I am coming back to LA–I might enroll at SC for Spring semester, we’ll see. But when I am back, let’s meet for lunch one day, I’ll come downtown, or for a post work cocktail–whichever you want my friend!!!

    Happy New Year!

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