Naught again!

Still no hot water, kids.

The landlady decided to get rid of this old heater which breaks down every 6 months altogether.  So, water will be shut off tomorrow late morning through evening.  Then we should have water AND hot water after that.

Oh, and I went and got me a flu-like energy sap and achy-all-over-ness.   Called in sick and slept most of the morning and the afternoon.  I mean, I couldn’t move this morning as if I was ran over by a herd of reindeer over Christmas or something.  Am getting spurts of energy alternating with utmost exhaustion though.  But I’m mostly exhausted.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  I seem to get this same fever-exhaustion every time I’m coming out of stressful period in life.  Who knew I was stressing over the holidays!

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