Da Walkathon

Hawaii Day One was quite an eventful day. Party at Ray’s was quite fun. His house ROCKS my socks off. Up in the hills of Waialae area. The view, even at night, was just amazing.

Hawaii Day Two started off slow as everyone needed the sleep. I was the first one up. After an hour or putzing around the room, I decided to just go to the beach on my own. Upon waking up to tell Brandon where I was going, he decided to roll out of bed and join me.

We strolled across the park to the Ala Moana Regional Park beach. It’s beautiful even out here. The water is clear and the temperature is just right. Little kids play. Young people jog. Old folks swim. It was awesome.

We strolled through the mall on the way back to grab breakfast and some snacks for dad. A few hours later, dad was ready to roll and we went on a walking excursion.

Nan recommended Yama’s Seafood Market as a local food favorite. It was only 1.2 miles away according to Google Maps and the gang agreed on walking there. And there we went. The route, though, took us through the part of Hawaii tourists don’t usually get to see. Cheap apartments. Industrial warehouses. Not so glitzy and posh. The backbone of the city.

Oh, and there was no place to sit down at Yama’s. It was a pick up and go kind of place. Since we walked there, we weren’t about to walk back to eat. There were some chairs outside but we had to sit in the bright afternoon tropical sun to eat. Brandon finished first and assumed the sun-blocking duty, standing up and providing shades for my dad so he could finish his lunch. LOL. On our way back, we found that just a mere block down from Yama’s is a park…where we could’ve had a picnic…in the shades.

Now we’re back to the hotel for a few more hours, waiting for the next hunger pang to drive us to the mall. Dad still needs an aloha shirt for the wedding tomorrow.

We are becoming quite a bunch of mall rats staying at this place. LOL.

The Couch Monkey has had a fun day out today. You should see the pictures. 🙂

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