Rift in the Universe

I should have known things were never going to be the same again after Hawaii. (Oh, and the photos are up. I haven’t organized them with tags or caption yet though.)

This was our first REAL vacation together since we got married. The fact that we could (kind of) afford it and that we decided to leave town on somewhat of a whim was new.

I think that decision might have sent out the disturbance into the universe and therefore screwing things up for everyone.

Why did I say that? Here are some proofs:

  1. A few days before we left, Celeste woke up in the morning and stretched. Then her neck got stuck. That simple, routine wake up stretch severely sprained her neck so much so that her friend had to take her to the hospital. Celeste was out all week and returned just yesterday in a neck brace.
  2. Our first day in Hawaii, there was this.
  3. Also starting on my first day on O’ahu, a weird zit inside my nose turned into, well, an alien egg. Let’s just say that I went through 4 days of breathing mostly out of one nostril, I could barely touch the right side of my face and nose, and I was in constant pain…until the alien, well, to put it delicately, started to hatch, you guessed it, on my last night in Honolulu.
  4. We arrived at the hotel on Thursday to find a note from my dad who was supposed to arrive on Friday who already arrived earlier that morning. There was a confusion between dad’s travel agency. They thought you’d gain a day coming to the US from Bangkok when the truth is the opposite. So, if dad would’ve left on time, he would’ve been in Honolulu a day early by himself!
  5. To add to the injury, I called to move dad’s reservation to Friday. The hotel got it wrong and had him arriving on Saturday. Isn’t trip planning fun?
  6. And one more to add to the theme. I booked the luau at Paradise Cove for Sunday night. We showed up to find not only they filed us under the the wrong last name of “Bourne,” but, wait for it, they booked us for Monday night. *sigh* Needless to say, that prompted me to call our shuttle service late that night to confirm our return ride to the airport.
  7. Since the moment we arrived back at LAX on Monday night, there was not even a trace of the sunny Southern California. It felt like I got off the plane at Heathrow!
  8. This morning, our new employee, on the way to our monthly meeting, wheeling a dolley and juggling a basket, pulled a muscle in her back so badly she had to call a cab to get her to the hospital.
  9. And in the afternoon, it rained. Like crazy monsoon rain. But a LOT colder. I left Downtown at 3:30 which usually would put me home by 4-ish. Today, I got home at almost 5:30.
  10. ETA: Federer got beaten at Australia Open in the semifinal. What the…?!?!

And finally, the reason why I believe that there is something wrong with the universe these days…

RIP Heath Ledger. Starting out in a teen movie (heck, still one of my favorites) and ended in the dark side of the pool as The Joker with an Oscar nomination in his pocket.

And on a side note, look at the outpour of emotions we have for Heath and the news coverage of his death. Then look again at another life cut short, Brad Renfro’s, a troubled former child actor and teen heartthrob with a promising career, untimely death was a mere blip on the radar.

That’s just one of many ways how weird our universe works…

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