Tempting Fate

I didn’t get to to quite the housekeeping goal I dreamed up on Saturday morning. Nor did we see Cloverfield.

Upon arriving at the theater, there was a sign that says, “Camera movement in Cloverfield may cause motion sickness.” And suddenly Brandon was reminded of how much he despises the shaky camera. The Shield and Bourne Ultimatum drove him bonkers. He completely forgot that Cloverfield was mostly “hand held”.

Even with all the reviews we have read, we didn’t even think about that. So, we turned around and came home.

Then the rain came and washed away all of my weekend aspiration. All but going grocery shopping, reorganizing the pantry, catching up on all of my TIVO’ed show, and making dinner.

On Sunday, while the dinner was cooking away in the oven, I worked on the pantry. As I re-stacked my tea collection (which is HUGE), I looked at the box of ginger tea, the savior of my stomach ailments, and thought:

“Huh, I haven’t needed the ginger tea in a while. That’s good!”

And guess what happened this morning?

My stomach hurt inside and to the touch. And then I was throwing up for a good few hours.

Apparently, my dinner didn’t digest well. Actually, more like I didn’t chew my dinner well. I was so excited to eat my own home-cooked meal (Giada’s chicken Osso Bucco) that I pretty much inhaled the meal.  And I ate too much on top of that.

Premonition? Self fulfilling prophecy? Or just plain ol’ Murphy’s Law. Your call.

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