Cause and Effect

Because Olaina loves me, last night she called me while in the major chain grocery store just to let me know that 6-pack of Guinness are on sale.

Because somehow I have become a wayward future alcoholic, my thought on the Guinness news was that I didn’t have any space in my fridge so perhaps I should start making room by drinking some beer in there.

Because I actually still love my liver and sanity, I did not follow through with that thought. After all, there is still 1/3 jar of Mai Tai chilling in the fridge. (Anyone wants to come over and help me with that?)

Because my bus buddy picked me up to carpool to town this morning, I did not get my routine morning nap so I was a bit cranky at work.

Because I was more antisocial than usual, I actually scared people off enough that I stayed the course and got 90% of my shit together. Thank god for that!

Because I didn’t want to cook tonight…originally anyway…I baked some chicken breast last night along side my lasagna to make Chicken Salad Contessa (a Waldorf chicken salad, more or less) for dinner today with the intention to take that to work for lunch for a few more days after that.

Because I was shopping hungry, while I was in the grocery store this evening to pick up the jar of mayonnaise to make said salad and other items, I was hit by the incredible urge to make a pot roast and so I bought all the ingredients.

Because for some odd reasons, I thought pot roast is made with pork and not beef, I bought a cut of pork loin roast instead of, say, a rump roast.

Because there is no such thing as a pork pot roast cooked in a crock pot to be found anywhere, I had a hard time finding the recipe of the pot roast I have envisioned–the tender slow cooked meat with veggies and gravy–not to mention one that Brandon can just plunk everything into the crock pot tomorrow morning unsupervised.

Because Brandon works 4-10 schedule and Tuesday is also a holiday for him, he takes 3 days of vacation time and get a week off. Hence, he is put in charge of the crock pot dinner tomorrow.

Because I couldn’t find said easy pork loin roast recipe until I settled for this recipe meant for a beef roast, I was in the kitchen browning the roast, chopping up veggies, and deglazing the pan at 9:15 p.m.

Because I didn’t want to do any more dishes after my pre-cook dinner productions, I drank the last of my leftover wine straight from the bottle. (Well, there was barely about a glass left in that bottle after I used a cup of it to deglaze the pot roast.)

And finally, because my husband loves me, he’s going to come in to curl up with me until I fall asleep so that this crazy Monday can be over.

Then I can start anew tomorrow, hoping for an easier day.

P.S. Because it’s unfair for a 21-year-old to have a cancer scare, please send your good mojo to Bua, my twin sister from another life. She will be in surgery around 4 p.m. ICT (Bangkok Time)–that’s 2 hours from now.


  1. Amy   •  

    You are too funny.

    And my prayers are with Bua

  2. sporto   •  

    Ah. But there is such a thing as a pork pot roast cooked in a crock-pot. Perhaps only Arkies know about it. We’re pig people, after all.

  3. Mike, Nan and Owen   •  

    Or you can always salt that chunk of pork, wrap it tightly in a foil pack, and submerge it in a crock pot of water for 8 hours or so to make kalua pig, which you probably had at the luau. Liquid smoke and a little ginger is also good in that pack. Eat with sweet potatoes and poi. Yum.

  4. Korbua   •  

    hey p’oakley! 🙂 hope ur doing better today. 🙂 not cranky anymore? 🙂 *hugs* we all deserve a better day.

    ur lil sis is ok. 🙂 bleeding here and there but doing perfectly fine. 🙂 she should be back in shape soonnnnn! thanks for the prayers and luv. Muahhhh.

  5. Dr. P'house   •  

    Ah, I just found a real life time Irish sister. Guiness was my first beer and only beer I will always drink. I had the first taste of it thinking it was Coca Cola. I was 5 years old drunk, red face, and happy smile (after two bottles) sitting in front of the fridge reading kid picture book upside down. Since that day. Since then my grandpa never stocked Guiness in the fridge again after he found the evidence to tie me to the crime of stolen Guiness. It was a crime turned passion.

    My Irish friends love this real story very much so they added me into their drinking crews. Beside, they kept serving me Magner, just to piss me off. They like when I said “Get that crap away from me, and pour me the daddy beer”.

  6. sporto   •  

    What in the Hell. Barbarians. 😀

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