Viva San Diego


I’m blogging from Olaina’s lovely pink Dell in their lovely apartment in the lovely San Diego.  :)  That up there was from the train on my way down, somewhere around Solana Beach.

This is the beginning of the 3-night, 3-day trip of fun and learning.  My CSS training starts here at their apartment tomorrow at 9.  At about that same time, Justin and Olaina will be finding out about where he’s going for residency.  Friday, I repeat the drill with the class and then Saturday Brandon comes down to get me.  Yey.

I escaped the Early Meeting unscathed for the most part.  Almost missed the early bus coming in because I left my cell phone at home. Thank goodness I WAS early when I originally got to the bus stop.  The rest of the day took on the same tone of starting out chaotic but turned out alright in the end.

My train buddy was a nice gentleman named Mark who commuted once a week from SD to Semi Valley.  He offered me a seat and helped me put my luggage up overhead.  He also chat with me and gave me pointers on the ride all the way through SD county…when I emerged from a nap.

Anyhoo.  Justin is calling us to go eat/booze after he reads Olaina’s blog.  So…we’ll report back later.

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