Kitteh in mah hawz

Meet Athena. AKA the community cat I have been calling “Parker”.


I came downstairs to find one of the girls in the rental house holding the cat. Yes, the girls have adopted the cat and named her Athena. Since they couldn’t have her in the house, she has become the outdoor kitty. And yes, we can all feel free to hang with Athena.

Y’all, I have a semi-permanent borrow kitten that I get to play with when I come home everyday. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a purring fluffy being who gives you unconditional affection.

Well, actually, there is no such thing as unconditional love from a cat. She KNOWS when she owns YOU. She’ll give you that extra love you seek because she KNOWS at some point you’re going to feed her. And when she’s not hungry or not in the mood, good luck getting that love. Oh yes, I have walked by expecting some lovin’ before and she kind of looked at me and went back to cleaning herself. No, you are not as important today. Keep on walking, human.

That is why I love cats. 🙂

Oh, while we’re talking about cats, here is my second installment of original lol cats.

funny pictures

Happy Sunday Morning to ya!

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