Walking Weekend

Saturday at the El Dorado Nature Walk with the boys, Brandon and Erik.





We also got into a little bit of a public art project.

As I was coming home the past week, I noticed there were these flat, wooden stakes duct-taped to a few lamp posts along the road. I wondered what they were for so I asked Brandon when we drove by. The most logical explanation is that these were parts of political campaign signs. Folks just removed the paper part and not taking off the rest.

Brandon said jokingly, “Maybe somebody needs to protect themselves against vampires or something.”

Naturally, an art project was born: “Use in case of vampire attack”.



Today I went on with Nora to the Brewery Art Walk in Downtown LA. For those who are not familiar with the Brewery, it’s an art colony of over 500 artists, the largest live-work colony in the world. The Brewery is a 22-building complex on 23 acres, comprises a variety of structures, some dating back to 1888. This used to be the plant where they brewed Pabst. Twice a year, they open up their doors to the public, quite literally welcoming us to their homes.

And my god, how much I still would LOVE to live in a loft. And how much I would LOVE to really have space to CREATE without worrying about messing up my space. LOL.

Nora and I perused a lot of spaces with our main focus on photography. We didn’t have the energy to do them all, but we did what we can.

Afterward, since we parked right by it, Nora and I made a pit stop at the San Antonio Wineries. We walked out with some tasty sparkling white wine. Man, that place could totally be bad news for the wallets of a wayward alcoholic Asian and an adventurous wine drinking English-Irish. But we managed to escape with 2 and 1 bottle each respectively.

I put a little slide show for you here but I have all of my pictures over here.

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  1. Amy   •  

    I love that first photo!

    And “use in case of vampire attack”– omg you guys crack me up. I LOVE IT.

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