Break on through

I know I wasn’t suppose to touch anything in and around my nose.  But Brandon had a look, and based upon his report, I decided to investigate.

Alas!  The Alien In My Nose “hatched”!

I’m just going to leave it at that.

My nose is still red and painful.  But oddly enough, the pressure has lifted and the pain is gone from my cheekbone and is massively reduced on bridge of my nose.

I am on the 4th hour since I last took some Ibuprofen, yet I’m feeling no serious discomfort.

Hot compress, Ibuprofen, antibiotics and time heal a LOT of things!  I’m ALMOST free again!

Appropriately, Brandon is watching Aliens V.S. Predator 2 right now in the living room.  LOL.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    all caught up!

    bad alien! go away! no jumping out of oakley’s nose as if she were spawning you through a hatching belly

    why is it 12:18 a.m. and I’m still reading and writing even though I went “TO” bed at 7:45ish? meanwhile, Justin sleeps and he’s only been in here for an hour or two.

    hmph. even my computer battery is going to sleep…. bye!

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