Single Girl Friday

Woke up feeling the blues and didn’t want to put on the happy, personal mask for the day, I stayed home and worked on designing web pages for work.  A combination of homesick, having talked to my dad last night and emailed with my brother this morning, feeling the odd sense of loss, and missing Brandon quite fiercely.  As it was proven, it was really good to be alone today.

Ate leftover pasta for lunch on the couch, watching re-run of Firefly on Sci-Fi channel.

Ran to Fresh & Easy to pick up single serving of rib eye steak, a little baggy of salad, a thing each of chocolate mousse, rattatouille and mashed potatoes, and other groceries.

Made steak and egg dinner with a little salad.  Had a glass of wine.

Watched…and watching all a girl would want to watch when she has the control of the television: Steel Magnolias, Sex and the City re-runs (I mainly watched the Aiden period), and, naturally, Monty Python and the Flying Circus on BBC America while waiting for Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica.

Can you imagine what it was like for me when I was single and without cable?  LOL.

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