No kidding

I’m probably going to hell for pointing this out.

In the ABC report about a woman with a malfunctioned implanted defibrillator that almost killed her.

On Dec. 17, 2007, [Bridget] Robb’s implanted defibrillator malfunctioned, shocking her heart a total of 31 times in the span of a few minutes…

Medtronics, the company that makes the device used by Robb, told ABC News they sent certified letters to all the patients and their doctors.

But Robb said she did not know her defibrillator had been recalled until she arrived at the hospital’s emergency room.

“I had no idea,” Robb said, “I was shocked.”

Yes.  Yes, you were.

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  1. Amy   •  

    eeek! my cousin’s 40 yr old husband has one of these and spent 2 days in hosp this week when it malfunctioned too.

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