Hang on to your wallet

We have been busting out our credit cards a little bit too often these few months.  But all for the things we do need and we’re willing to eat Top Ramen for a while for.

First was my commuter comfort purchases.  My lovely red briefcase got here today.  I’m going to adore its candy red shell for a few more weeks before slapping on one of my Emily the Strange stickers.  Hehee.

Then was the birthday party.  Instead of me cooking, we ordered a party pack from Naples Rib Company.  To our surprise, for $100 from Naples can feed about 15 people easy.  While a visit to the restaurant with 3 other friends might have cost just about the same.  Next time we crave barbecue, we’ll have to get a group together to be worth it.

Brandon’s birthday present is also an online steal.  He desperately needs a new office chair.  His back pain alone is worth every dollar I was to plunk down to get him the chair.  We found one at Staples and I came home to comparison shop.  I managed to find the same chair on Staples website with $50 off and no delivery charge, plus an online coupon that roped me 10 Arbor Day canvas bags for zero dollar.  That’s right.  10 bags for free.  I have enough to supply everyone I know back home with a “Gift of the U.S.”!  (And it’ll be made in China…I’m sure.)

And speaking of Thailand, the big daddy of them all are the prices of our tickets home.  Brandon and I will be in Bangkok the week of Thanksgiving with Brandon returning the Saturday after Thanksgiving and me the Friday after that.  With his bad knee, we have to get bigger seat of Economy Deluxe on EVA.  But then again, regular Economy on Thai already costs more than that even if it’s a real direct flight.

Oh, and good job on Thai Airways in luring people in.  On their website, it lists the flight I want at $903, but miraculously there are fees that makes the ticket in the $1600 at the end of check out.

Flight costs are going to be crazy, people.  It is already unpretty out there when even China Airlines hits the $900s to go to Bangkok when it’s all said and done.  And I thought I was clever for buying the tickets now.  Should’ve bought them in March or something.


  1. Amy P.   •  

    Hi Oakley – I’m one of your subscribers and got your blog link from Gnarley Kitty’s site.
    My family will be in BKK for Loy Krathong, leaving a few days before you and Brendan arrive. We’re taking Eva as well, and we got a deal through a travel agent that would have cost us $1400 each otherwise! We paid just over $900 each, $700-something for our three year old. I urged Golf, my husband, to get our tix NOW before prices get even higher! We’re watching our wallets too, after that huge purchase!

  2. Dr. House   •  

    Ticket price will continue to skyrock (as comfirmed from a friend of mine who work for Thai airway).

    My suggestion to you is to check with the airline (or their web). They seems to change rules and lower total weight allowance for luggage and allow you to carry only less than 100 ml. bottle of cosmatics on board. All of these change rules…basically stemmed from the higher gas price.

    Good that you’ve booked ticket early… Booking through travel agency or through airline webpage make no different nowaday. Pricings are pretty much the same

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