I am alive after our big event on Wednesday.

We had an all-day class downtown today so it was like going to work, but not.

Especially when the class was let out early and I did get to enjoy a raspberry mojito at the bar at the O Hotel. Oh, the manager comped me these “crack tots”, tater tots with truffle oil and horseradish dipping sauce.


It was a good day to be away from the office, not working (but learning something new) after much madness.

I have tons to write but I’m still buzzed after the bus ride so I’ll have to fill y’all in later.

What? I deserved a little R&R too you know?

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  1. OnigiriFB   •  

    No you don’t! :p I want to hear about these ‘crack tots’!!!!!! YOu… you tease you… *sigh*

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