Master Greg and his friends joined Brandon and I last night out on the hard stone grounds of the Orange County Performing Arts Center for “The Muppet Movie” under the stars. The movie was free, however the parking was $8 a car. Brandon and I had to drive separately so it wasn’t too “free” for us. But if I didn’t leave early like I did, we wouldn’t have any place to sit down. And thanks to a tip on Yelp, we did bring enough cushioning to sit comfortably for the hard floor.

The grounds was packed with both outer and inner children of all ages. Everybody STILL loves the Muppets!


I remembered watching the Muppet Movie a long, long time ago. Again, one of those I saw before I understood English properly or any of the humor. What I remember most is the fact that I was freaking out at seeing Kermit’s legs! Him riding the Schwinn terrified me for a few moments. And then I remember the “Fork in the Road”. I didn’t know what that means, but I remember seeing that fork on the road and wonder, why was there a fork in the road? Americans are so funny.

Being there with 3 gay guys, of course, any mentioning of “bears” was hilarious. “Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear,” got the most giggles. Added, predictably by our band of chorus, “Guess what else in the American bear swell?”

More giggling ensues at Dr. Bunsen’s lab in the ghost town outpost.

Floyd Pepper: [about the growth solution] What else do these pills make big?
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: Oh, they work on anything, but the effect is sadly temporary.

The adults in the audience cracked up all over the grounds. More importantly, it took grandpa in front of us a few seconds to get what all the other dirty minds were thinking, then he started laughing. That set us off into an entirely different giggle.

Throughout the show, we were singing along and interjecting our own sound effects. There’s nothing like the crowd going “Hiiiii-yah!” when Miss Piggy went kung fu on the baddies or “A-ni-mal! A-ni-mal!” growls at any time Animal was on.

Good fun for everyone last night.

ETA: We also never realized how much of a drag queen that blondie in Electric Mayhem is!  Good god.

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