Irena and Danny are moving away to Massachusetts. And they’re getting married in May 2009. Please send all the good vibes their way!

Last night, I took the Metrolink down to Santa Ana where Brandon picked me up, and off we went to Irvine for a goodbye shindig for our girl and her boy.

Amidst a mass of the people behind World of Warcraft, I managed to survive and had myself quite a good time. Well, you can see in the picture here.

Irena’s fantastic friends hosted face and body paint artist Kari Ivey last night. Of course, I partook.

0826082011.jpg Pyrat rum

Many others did too. Almost all the girls did it and somebody’s little boy. Only 2 guys were ballsy enough for the paint job.

One of them have “Awesome” in Old English font across his forehead. The other (seen here demonstrating the drinking of the rum) had a comet on his forehead, Saturn on his cheek, and stars all over. His kid is into the solar system.

I wish I could’ve kept the face to come to work this morning.

So many pictures in the past few days! Phototastic Friday should be fun this week. 🙂

ETA: Irena posted the album here (the same one as the comment) for those who are curious.


  1. Wes   •  

    I was under the impression that it was written in the Gangland typeface. 😉

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