Phototastic Friday: Thrillah


Erin sent this to me.  That girl knows me too well.  🙂

This a victory week for Thrill the World LA.  As cocky as this might sound, I must toot my own horn here on playing a part in this year’s organization.

First of all, I pitched to Hollywood & Highland as a possible venue for our October 25 performance.  And they agreed! One of our fearless leaders Mahdroo is going to discuss the details with the man in charge this afternoon.

200 Thriller zombies in the middle of H&H in the heart of Boulevard of Dreams.  That’s like WOW.

If we do well, which I’m sure we will, this going to be one hell of a relationship going forward with H&H for next year and beyond.  It’s a good foundation, I tell ya.

Then, I pitched to Kevin & Bean show.  Mahdroo will be on to promote Thrill the World on October 22.

Then I pitched to Torrance Daily Breeze, thanks to Muhammed, and landed the other leader and dance teacher Amanda an interview plus a photographer is coming out to our practice tomorrow in Manhattan Beach at Pollywog Park. 11am-3pm.

We’re going to be EVERYWHERE!

Come on, y’all.  Join us for it’s THRILLER, Thriller now!

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