Delurk! Delurk! Delurk!

Hey, you.  Yeah, YOU!  De-lurk.  Now!

Delurking Day is when you, my readers, reveal yourself.

Leave a comment here to say hello to the world.  Some of you are here all the time but never left a comment.  Some just dropped in on accident, you too can show yourself.  This would be the day to do that and show the blogosphere–and yours truly–some love.

And thanks to Rude Cactus for letting me in on this great day!

Now….a quick weekend recap.

Friday party with Candice the Goodbye Girl. Tequila stained clothing included.  Saturday at Slumdog Millionaire with the girls.  Sunday Tweet Up Long Beach morning of photography and Golden Globe evening of fun.  Hooray for Wall-E!  Hooray for Mickey Rourke!  Hooray for Slumdog!

Okay. Now you can delurk.  Tell me about your weekend.  Or share your Golden Globe reaction.  Or just say, “Hi”.

Go! Go! Go!


  1. J.C.   •  

    Hi Oak. Just delurking myself. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well so far in 2009–Joshua & I miss you lots!!!

  2. Ken C.   •  

    Okay, well, I’m guilty of stopping by almost daily, and never leaving a comment. I enjoy reading blogs that have a Thai connection, and have been a fan of your writing for several months. Best wishes for a successful 2009. Regards from Ken C. (now, back to the shadows…)

  3. Minn   •  

    Hi there, just delurking myself. Been reading your blog for quite a while, originally linked here from Thai-blogs. I’m a Thai who’s studied and living in the UK. I do enjoy reading your posts and can relate to many subjects that you write about. I’m a natural lurker so don’t normally comment.
    Take care.

  4. Chris   •  

    Happy Delurking Day!!

  5. Amy P.   •  

    Hi Oakley – I’m normally a lurker, but occasionally I comment. I married a Thai man when I lived in Bangkok teaching English. My hubby had lived in the Bay Area (CA) for nearly a decade before we met, but had to return to Thailand, and that’s where I had met him. I’m also from the Bay Area and so there was a strong sense of fate when we met. I enjoy reading your blog about SoCal life – my sister lives in OC as well, Dana Point. It’s a different culture down there from us up here in the north. Hope we get a Fresh n Easy up here soon, you make it sound so wonderful!

  6. Lauren the niece   •  

    So I click on a link that a friend from San Pedro posted in a bulletin on myspace about Ricardo Montalbán and I scroll down and see that you were the first person to have responded to the article. It is a small small world.

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