Scoped, Spotted, and Splattered

So you’ve wondered where I”ve been?

Around, actually. Quite a little bit.

I suffered a bit of an eating injury on Sunday. Yes, you read that correctly. An. Eating. Injury.

Tuesday, I spent the afternoon at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and had great bonding moments with my D40.

Today, my little humble food blog, HmmFoodGood, got noticed by some OC folks and nominated for “You’ve Just Been Spotted” award for food/cooking blog at Hop on over to either place and vote for HmmFoodGood, won’t you?  We just don’t want to crawl in last, is all. 😉

And now, I’m checking my schedule for Drupal Camp LA in Irvine this weekend.  It looks like my friends Annette and Matt will join me for the geek fest.  Any zombies in the area, please come on down to UCI.  There’ll be plenty of Drupal Newbie’s brains splattered all over the engineering quad.

My schedule looks like this on Saturday:

9 a.m. – Get Drupal installed at InstallFest

10 a.m. – Intro to Drupal

11 a.m. – Functional Interaction Design

12 p.m. – DrupalChix lunch

1 p.m. – Keynote

2 p.m – I’ll be sitting at the DrupalChix table.  I’m a complete and total newbie but they need someone to represent the women in the field, aspired geek like myself included.  So, I volunteered, naturally.

3 p.m – DrupalChix panel on how to encourage more women to participate in Drupal.

4 p.m. – Group photo

4:30 p.m. – Theming with Zen

5:30 p.m. – Must have module for your Drupal site.


I should have enough brain matter left for two more sessions on Sunday morning plus a couple more hours at the DrupalChix table.

So, if I disappear again after this post, you know why.

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