I <3 Olivia Munn


One memorable hour on the set of Attack of the Show!  At one point, Olivia called me over during break.

“So Oakley, where are you from?”

“Los Alamitos…and Thailand.”

“So which is it? Huh? Huh?”


“You’re lying, aren’t you? You fucking liar.”

And then she introduced me to her co-host Kevin.

“This is Oakley. She’s a liar.”

“Oh, hi. You’re a liar?”

“Yes. I am.”




“Dude, I’m a liar.”

Hence this:



Oh, yes.  Olivia is just like who we see on television, people.  Except even prettier in real life.

She’s hilarious and super friendly.  And she drops f-bombs.  And she talks naughty.

Those haters, listed here in this LA Times story, just keep piling it on.

It’s this whole women hating women thing that women would never get to go anywhere, I think.

Yes, Olivia is beautiful, smart, and hilarious. Yes, she plays to her male audience…you’d be a fool not to when your show’s demographic is the dudes.

Play a ditz? Play a hot chick? Jump into a pie?  What she says is right, in so many words, you’re nobody but who your fans make you.  Much like this blog, if y’all don’t read it, it doesn’t exist. (So…thanks!) You can’t make a living as an entertainer if there’s no audience.

Could she have gone and done something more “dignify”?  Sure. Will her fans follow there?  Probably not.

But having seen her in action on the set, I’ve got to say that she has the brain and sense of humor to back her up.

So, good on you, Olivia.  I wish you well.

Haters will hate.  And everyone has a point of view.  Respect that, and moving on.

As Olivia signed on my copy of Maxim–yes, *MY* copy of Maxim, and I bought the Playboy too–“Let’s braid hair!”

Yes, Olivia.  Let’s join our Asian powers and braid hair.

We have our own brand of awesome.

And everyone else can, well, suck it.  😉

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