I had a pig named Mike. Or did I?

Piglet by Christine Eaves on Flickr.

I had a dream last night that Brandon and I bought a condo at a place where it turned out to be more of a spring break co-ed dorm than a quiet grown-up residence.

Despite the commotion, I took my pet piglet named Mike for a walk.

Yes. A pet piglet. Named Mike.

When I came back from a trek through the pool party going on in the middle of the complex, something horrible happened in the condo. I don’t want to talk about it. It was bad enough for me to wake up with a start and a gasp.

I told Brandon this when I pretty much woke both of us when I cried out just before waking.

“Did someone eat Mike?”, he asked.


“Did YOU eat Mike?”



“But he’s cute. And made of meat…”

Alas. Our favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender reference.

I didn’t go back to sleep but I wasn’t upset any more. Gotta love my hubby for that.

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  1. Brandon   •  

    I find it odd with my wife’s love of pork that she’d dream of having a pet pig. “I’d love him and hug him and OHM NOM NOM”

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