More wonkiness to come - Oakley Boren

I have JUST got done remodeling.  Almost quite literally with that axe I’m holding.  It was a bit of brutal beginning but once the theme is in place, it was a breeze.

I understand there may be still some lingering wonkiness. e.g.odd characters in older blog posts. That, I think, is from something that went wrong with database transfer.

Also what used to be typed in Thai is no longer supported here in the new template. At least for now anyway.

Thanks for your patience!  Hope you like the new look!


  1. Annette @daNanner   •  

    Redesign is looking good! … maybe a darker shade of pink in some places 🙂

  2. KU   •  

    I like this design more. The previous black/pink design made my eyes blurred.

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