Tumblr-ing toward you


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Yep. I have a Tumblr. OakMonster.Tumblr.com

While this blog will continue to be my main source of ranting and raving, I set up Tumblr to be a photo blog to replace the use of Twitpic.  But now, I’m also going to use it as my meme central.

All over Facebook, people have been posting their 30 Day Music/Song Challenge. I finally gave in to the challenge and started posting my meme on my Tumblr.

After all, according to the social media specialists and marketers these days, my blog should be where I express my expertise and sell my brand. So all of those willy-nilly things should probably be somewhere else.

But then again, my brand of “Creative. Social. Nerd.” obviously is all about the irrelevant AND irreverent nerdy goodness.  Here or there shouldn’t make a difference.

And so far I hope I haven’t disappointed you too much with the whole nerdy goodness part.

I started my blog long before we were supposed to be an expert on a subject to have a successful blog.  This humble space has always been the place for my thoughts, rants, and life experiences.  It was never meant to be a place to talk business or an expertise showcase.  And I didn’t expect to have a huge following.

But hey, some of you do stop by once in a while. So I must be doing something right. 😉

Now, go enjoy some photos and videos over at my home away from home.

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