Here come the USC Trojans

Amy and Oakley

Shift your gear, people. We’re coming out of the summer movie geek out and going into fall USC football madness.

From tomorrow through Thanksgiving, count me out for any Saturday activities.  Thankfully, many games this season will be in the evening, so I won’t have to miss much of my Italian lessons starting up in a few weeks.

What? Italian classes on Saturday mornings during football season?  Are you mad!?  As my husband would say, “you did that to yourself.” Yeah, I guess I’m masochistic that way.

First game of the year lands on Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, a lot of fans are out of town. Fortunately, many out of town fans are finally in town.  Many of my Trojan Tweeps I haven’t met before will converge at USC Psycho‘s famous tailgate, dubbed #Psychogate.  BYOB and bring extra stuff to help Roy out. Or buy his shirts.

Gridiron Goddess Amy (@gridirongoddess) and I will make our usual appearance there first before slinking off to another destination.  Amy with her many creative flavors of Jello shots and me with caramelized bacon-wrapped Lil Smokies.  All the new folks are bringing goodies too. This is going to be so much fun.

Among those I will get to meet finally are @fightontwist, @TrueBlueLowry21, @ScottEnyeart and @TrojanMikeG.  And of course, it’s always good to see usual suspects @vicorly and @kyle4sc. I’ll miss @maliburumbarbie though. Hopefully, I’d also get to meet Zack, the fouinding father of Arrogant Nation (@lost_angeles). But that boy’s too goddam popular now. ;-D

Oh, and all of this partying is going down starting at the usual time of  6 a.m. Kick off is at 12:30 so it’s not quite a long of a day as it usually is.

Well, the tickets were bought long time ago. I’m not going to worry about the money already spent.  Since the Coliseum is dry, and you get to marinade yourself with your booze and food before hand, there is not much more to spend. Except for occasional munchies. And appearances by food trucks.

The highest cost of the games is the parking, really.  Last year, I haven’t known too many folks I could carpool with but this year is different.  I’ll be packing my lunch for the rest of the season to do this, but this will be my splurge for the next few months instead of some fancy dinner.

Oh, all the things I’d do for USC football. 🙂

Amy and Oakley

Gridiron Goddess and the OakMonster at the top of the world. (Photo @ Gridiron Goddess)


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