Powder Blue Panties in a Twist

USC Marching Band drum major has been stabbing his sword into the middle of the football field for god knows how long as a part of the band’s act.

Our field. Their field. Any field.

We have been taking special pleasure when we play at the Rose Bowl because our Trojan ALWAYS gets to stab through fucla logo in the middle of the field.  I don’t know where the bRUINS have been this whole time but we’ve ALWAYS noticed.

Now that the familiar scene to us Trojans got included in the PAC 10+2 promotional video, suddenly the fucla athletic director got his panties in a twist and bitched, as reported by the LA Times. Somebody’s excuse was that this is so much more offensive to them than watching it live in the stadium or having the same footage broadcasted nationally during the live game every other year because the promo will keep repeating. Blah blah blah…

So PAC 10+2 actually pulled the footage from the promo.

But not before someone got a hold of the clip…

For Trojans, you can enjoy the whole video. For those non-fans, you can skip to 1:25 on the time code.

Fight on!

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