Nerdvember Day 10: Hulk Smash

Inspiration: The big green guy who wouldn’t put up with a crappy Monday. RAWRRR!

Components: Green sweater. Purple tank top. Avengers earrings from Optimystical Studios I bought at Comikaze. And, of course, ripped jeans.

#Nerdvember Day 10: Hulk smash Mondays!!! #settostunning

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Challenges: Earrings. I don’t wear them usually. My piercings have closed long ago. These are clip-ons. So, not only I feel weird wearing earrings, they got uncomfortable after a few hours. Oh well. I tried.

Comment from Muggles: My coworker Alex saw my Instagram post and came over to say, “Hey ya, Hulk.” Aww!

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