Nerdvember Day 14: Rocket and the Birthday Surprise

Inspiration: Rocket Raccoon in his Guardian uniform.

Components: Raccoon Laplander. Red thermal shirt. Navy sweater.

#Nerdvember Day 14: Rocking Rocket from the comic books. #settostunning #guardiansofthegalaxy #rocketraccoon

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Surprises: My birthday is tomorrow, and I had zero plan. However, my friends had a different idea. #TheGreat38 started on Thursday night at my monthly girls night out dinner where the girls came with a GIANT balloon and ice cream cake (thanks Diva Cowgirl!), and presents (Team Wicket’s other half Christine!). I was as happy as Harley Quinn rescuing kittens and puppies from an animal rescue center! (See The New 52 #2.)

I have the BESTEST friends!

And then on Friday, I found my cubicle decked out in TARDIS blue streamers, presents, and other decorations including a birthday sombrero and a crown titled “Director of Fun.” So I decided to wear all of my hats at once for a while in the office.

Seriously. My coworkers are fuckin’ awesome.

Comments from Muggles: I did go run several errands and of course I got a lot of “cute hat” comments. A toddler at Target looked at me and went “Polar bear!” which was adorable.

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