Nerdvember Day 18: Ratatouille

Inspiration: I was looking for something to wear next when I spotted the skirt and thought, “Well, I don’t think there’s anything I can do for November with a Paris print skirt…wait…WAIT!!!!”

Components: You can’t see it but I have a pale pink tank top underneath the gray cardigan from Mod Cloth, so pink and gray for Remy. And of course, the now-famous Paris skirt from Stella Boutique in Bangkok.

Challenges: Taking a selfie. I hate taking the daily selfie especially when I have to fit the entire outfit into one shot. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out this shot and it’s not even that good!

Comments from Muggles: PLENTY of compliments on the super cute skirt AND the fact that I wore a skirt to work today.  My friend Bird, the owner of Stella, has great eyes for prints. Her clothes are very sweet and girlie, so usually I don’t really buy from her. However, when I first saw an A-line dress she made out of the print, I wanted it! Unfortunately, by the time I got to Thailand, the only item left in that print was this skirt…which I practically ripped off of the mannequin the moment I saw it.

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