Nerdvember Day 23: The Fifth Element

Inspiration: Well, I’ve got this t-shirt thinking that anyone who’s ever seen The Fifth Element would get it right away. Not so much, actually.

Component: The Fhloston Paradise t-shirt I bought from ThinkGeek eons ago. And a napping cat…who is not ours.

#Nerdvember Day 23: Living in Fhloston Paradise featuring #ClarkKent #NotOurCat. #settostunning #fifthelement

A photo posted by oakley boren (@oakmonster) on

Challenge: Deciding on what to do with the selfie. Napping Clark provided a solution.

Comments from Muggles: Nothing. But I got a great comment from BKK Greg though: he thought “Fhloston” was misspelled but then realized my shirt was folded over.

High five, Nerd Greg. High fuckin’ five.

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