Simple joy in a weekend

#1 Man Meat. meat

300. Complete and total meat fest for ladies and gay men everywhere. Delicious from beginning to end. Even when bloodied, decapitated, or one-eyed. Even the bad guy is hot. I mean, Rodrigo Santoro in metal chains and not much else. Let me here you say, fuck yeah!

See? The Spartans are nice and ripped and it looked believable. You know, they’re conditioned that way. It’s not the gigantic beefy juiced up muscles. I can’t stand those.

The lean muscles that looks like you didn’t spent hours at the gym but get them from doing whatever it is that you do. The seemingly effortless ripples. THAT’s the kind of muscles I like on my men.

The rest of the movie? The action was fine. Whatever. It gets old after a while. And it dragged here and there. But I must commend the action sequence when King Leonidas, the super tasty Gerald Butler…well, not as yummy as when he was in Tomb Raider II, charged the Persian army for the first time. That scene was super neat. Too damn long a sequence, but neat. Another point that almost redeems the movie for me is a spoiler. Highlight the next paragraph to see what I say:

I don’t know about your theater, but mine exploded into applause–and a few woohoo–when the Queen grabbed the sword and stabbed that mother fucking Senator. Oh, how the ladies in the theater rejoice in that victory!

#2 St. Patrick’s Day Impromptu Party

And then there was St. Patty’s at home which I blogged while alcoholized. A mere dinner for 6 turned into a full blown party of 10. I was lucky to have enough food, booze, and dessert to feed everyone who turned up! It was fun quoting Princess Bride while drunk, by the way.

We played Scrabbles and then later used those tiles for poker chips in a never ending game of poker. As in, “Oh hey look I’m out of chips”. “Here, have some of mine.” “Sweet!”

#3 Recovery Sunday

Sunday I slept in. Essentially the same gang minus Erik went to lunch with even more people at Chen’s. At $11 each total we stuffed ourselves silly and for those of us who happened to crave grease the morning after got our wishes.

Now that you mentioned it, I still have the same headache since I woke up on Sunday. I thought it was a hangover, but after loads of water, an afternoon nap, and a full good night sleep, it just hadn’t really completely gone away.

When I had time to think about it, I felt that little alien hatching in my brain, slowly eating my right eyeball from inside out. Speaking of which…here it goes again.
Anyways. It’s been a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Tiffany   •  

    I look forward to reading your blog especially when I am having a bad day!!!! I just want to scream and then I go to and its all better I am smiling wow who knew I could smile! Now back to reality!!

    Thanks oaks! Smiles!

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