Crushing on Superman

Henry Cavill - Man of Steel

Then again, who isn’t? Am I right?

It’s been well documented that I love me the dark haired, blue eyed boys. So it shouldn’t surprised anyone that I walked out of Man of Steel with a crush.

Hi, Henry.

Henry Cavill

Yeah, you, sir. Clark Kent. Kal-el. Superman.

(Nerd note: They’re just calling him “Kal”? That bugs the living hell out of me, by the way.)

(More nerd note: Yes, I kind of like the new back story of Man of Steel. So I thoroughly enjoyed the movie up until he and Lois met, and it pretty much went downhill from there for me. No, I don’t like any of it once Zod landed. Yes, I liked that Lois tracked Clark down. No, I did not like [SPOILER!] what the writers/director decided that Supe do to Zod at the end. However, in their defense, I could see Clark not paying attention to his surroundings from being new at the super hero thing. He’s blinded by emotions over it all and went all “Kal Smash Zod!” on everything, and didn’t pay attention to the destruction. Sure, older, more experienced Superman would do that. If you look back at it, Christopher Reeve’s Superman get to play hero in the cape for a while before fighting evil. Brandon didn’t buy my excuse one bit. lol)

Yeah, you.

Henry Cavill - Man of Steel


I only watched a few episodes of The Tudors and I totally remembered you from that. Mainly, this scene.

Henry Cavill - Tudor

Although, not so much in Immortal.  But your character has to be skinny/ripped, so I get it. But so, so gaunt, Henry. Don’t ever get there again, please.

Henry Cavill - Immortal

But anyway. You’re adorable. But you know that. I can tell by the way you carry yourself.

Yet, so humble.

Can we get an awwww for Fat Cavill?

This part I didn’t know before, but I know now. You’re a gamer nerd too.


AND you’re dating a possible Wonder Woman?

Henry Cavill - Gina Carano -


ETA: Okay. Fine. He broke up with Gina. And now publicly dating Kaley Cuoco, also a nerd starlet.

Huffington Post - Henry Cavill - Kaley Cuoco

Huffington Post

While I’m not entirely happy about this piece of news, my last statement kind of still works. Kaley WAS Wonder Woman too…

Big Bang Theory - Kaley Cuoco - Wonder Woman

That’s it, Henry. You are perfect.

So, if either you or Russell Crowe show up at my door one day, you know what the answer is.

And as for the rest of us mere mortals, watch this. You’re welcome.


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  1. kelly   •  

    It’s a secret, but I’m with you on this one. Way cute. Way.

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