Day 23: X-Men is My Harem - X-Men - Hugh Jackman

5 Thoughts

  • Yay Long weekend!
  • Yay I’m getting my car back and we’ll be a two-car household again!
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past! Great movie. Good times fun, and man I need a private moment every time McAvoy and Fassbender has a scene together. Seriously. My personal dream harem is this cast: Jackman, Fassbender, McAvoy, Hoult, and J-Law. Even Sir Patrick! It’s perfect.
  • Hugh Jackman’s naked backside! #HereHaveMyPanties
  • Hugh Jackman’s naked backside!

Today’s Photo

A few minutes before this, he got out of bed butt naked, man. Glorious. Glo-ri-ous. - X-Men - Hugh Jackman


A few little scones and a shot of cough syrup.

Breakfast of champion, right there.

Second Breakfast

A nectarine.


2 stone ground wheat crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.


Half a thing of Ragin’ Cajun gumbo from last night’s food truck run.


Movie theater popcorn at X-Men: Days of Future Past.


Spin! Pizza Mini Mia combo: small 8 color salad and one slice of the personal size pizza: white sauce, chicken, goat cheese, cremini mushroom, and caramelized onion. Oh, and a glass of their red wine sangria while I was waiting for the to-go order.


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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