Life happens

Much is happening around me since the busy Memorial Day weekend.

Since we last spoke, I have started playing Lego Star Wars again, but this time the original trilogy. It was on sale. We couldn’t resist. Yet, another hobby I shouldn’t have picked up. But it’s just too much fun!

Justin and Olaina will be up in town for the next few weeks with his mom. They’re just waiting now. Olaina is sharing the experience over at her place. Please keep “Superman” Justin and his family in your prayer.

I got Aunty Tim addicted to the new Almond Blueberry cookies. She has been telling her friends about them and about my Team Lesser Weevils’ fundraising efforts for AIDS Walk Long Beach. The other night she placed an order for 4 dozen. As of yesterday, the order is now 8 dozen–4 of Almond Blueberry and 4 of the original Absolutely Weevil Cookies. If you need me on Saturday afternoon, I’ll be in the kitchen baking my head off. Hey, whatever it takes to raise the dough, my friends. Speaking of which, won’t you come on by and donate a few bucks? 🙂

Finally, the bridal shower for the coworker is tomorrow. For a 1-hour informal event, this sure took a LOT of energy! My Bridal Tea Committee has been hard at work for at least 2 weeks. Pat has been bringing in just about every pretty little things she has to the office, a little bit at a time. Ditto me with hauling up on the bus my teacups and platter PLUS gazillion presents for the bride, 2 bags at a time. (Why? So I don’t have to drive on Friday!) Celeste is going to bring a surprise something to pretty up the drab conference room. Yes, our office LOVES a party. They went a little nuts with contribution to the gift pool. I damn near cleaned out the Costa Mesa Crate & Barrel with that!

I promise to upload the pictures of J.C. and Josh tonight. Well, given that I have time. Brandon was thinking of grabbing his friends for impromptu dinner at Naples Rib Company. If that is a go, after dinner I still have to make the food for the bridal tea tomorrow. (Oh yeah, we are catering the tea ourselves.)

Stay tuned, y’all. Let’s see if I survive to have myself a little break this weekend to clean the house and do laundry.*sigh*

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