Khun Mark for PM!

From Bangkok Post:

Patrician for premier?

ANALYSIS: By Peter Janssen, dpa

Chances of Abhisit Vejjajiva – the Oxford-educated 43-year-old leader of the Democrat Party – becoming Thailand’s next prime minister have risen in recent weeks in tandem with the downfall of his once arch rival – Thaksin Shinawatra.

ETA : I made more edits later on when I got home and actually had time to do research. So, here we go.)

Abhisit–his nickname is Mark, by the way–has been my favorite since he entered Thai political scene as one of the youngest politician ever years ago. He was in his early 30s then and when his face splashed onto television screen, the female population, young and old and me included, went ga-ga over him.

Obviously, he’s a good looking man. This is a lot like why back in the days, folks seem to like Clinton so much. Charisma and good looks go a long way for someone in politics.

But then you learn more about Khun Mark and you continue to swoon…and be impressed. Eton and Oxford graduate who walks the straight and narrow path with a dream to save the country from itself and corruption.

Khun Mark is educated, smart, polite, and an honest man (at least from we know of) who I have been rooting for PM since he’s started. Yes, he’s a pretty boy but it’s also the whole young blood, new wave thing. Out with the corrupted, power grabbing old geezers. In with the newer, highly educated, ethical and forward thinking younguns!

My money has always been on Khun Mark. I *KNEW* this man is going to lead my country someday. Every time there was a turmoil in the country, I kept asking my mom, “When are they going to make Khun Mark a PM?” Her reply has always been, “He’s too young for that still, sweetie. Give him a few more years.”

And here we are!

So, if he gets the seat, it’ll just be fabulous, adding one more to my “I told you so!” list.

I just have a way of predicting certain things. Like, this kid in this movie, he’s going to go on and be big. Or this song I just heard is going to blow up huge on the chart. ETC.

I predicted Amber Tamblyn was going somewhere from that first scene in The Ring. I knew America Ferrera was going to be a big star someday since “Real Women have curves”. I knew Nelly Fertado’s “Promiscuous” single was going to hit the chart the first time I heard it on a cell phone commercial.

And now, my beloved Khun Mark may actually have a chance at the PM seat. If he did get it, my whole prediction since the first year he stepped into the limelight would be true.

Damn, I’m good.

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