that other BIG news

You know with the whole region on fire, I didn’t get to point out two biggest news in my universe.

The casting is completed for the new reincarnation of Star Trek in the hands of J.J. Abrams.  The Enterprise might as well renamed itself to the Dreamboat already.  Chris Pine, the hunky aristocrat from Princess Diary II, is the new Kirk.  Zachary Quinto aka Syler from Heroes is the new Spock, naturally.  The hotty Rohan horseman of the Lord of the Rings Karl Urban is Dr. McCoy.  And finally, a living proof that sense of humor is hot, cutie pie Asian brother John Cho takes on the role of Sulu, and Simon Pegg aka Shaun of the Dead aka Nick Angel will “give you all she’s got” as Scotty.

Beam. Me. Up. J.J.!  I’m all over this boat even if you make an entire different movie.  As long as this cast stays the same, I don’t care if you’re making Mission: Impossible 4.


DUMBLEDORE IS GAY!  Rowling outs him.  And there are many clues we have come to overlook.  I KNEW it!

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  1. Cliff   •  

    I have been following the new Star Trek pretty closely. I”m a BIG fan. 🙂

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