Happy Fourth!


Welcome aboard the most patriotic bus in the region!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy ID4!

Me? Not doing much. Just chillin’ here with the hubby for the day. The biggest plan of the evening is me cooking up a couple of filet mignon for dinner.

However, you can see from my Twitter history that last night at Master Greg was quite fun.

I went to the party with Aurora. Poor thing, Dresden was a little brat all day apparently. Well, until we were leaving the house when he was in an absolute bliss, laughing and cooing all over the place. So it was a good few hours off for mommy.

But of course, Mommy got tired so we had to go. But then Shane and Tamara showed up, so I stayed behind and hitched a ride home with them instead. I haven’t been up until 2 and feeling buzzed for a long, long, LONG time.

Rum + Orange juice + 7up = My new favorite drink. Hmm. Rum.

Oh and so many gay boys to gawk at at Greg’s party. And even a few straight ones! At some point, Tamara and I were on rooftop, being introduced to someone’s straight guy friend as “the other token straights”. Now that guy was soooo good to stare at. LOL.

And speaking of hot, as we were telling Greg about being the token straights, he started to tell us that one of his friend wanted to know who the “straight hot bear in a hat with a goatee” was. Then he kind of squealed.

“Oh my GOD! Shane! He was talking about YOU!!”

The hot bear in a hat. He’s NEVER going to live this one down.

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