10 Goals for 2013

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Brandon suggested that I shouldn’t call these “Goals” but “Aspirations” since they’re more of a guideline of what I want to accomplish rather than what I’m driven to achieve.

Well, lack of the drive is my fault. Not the goals.

However, having setting up goals every year, I have an average of 50% success rate and many of those successes become a part of my regular ritual.  For examples, Veggie Tuesday is now permanent, also made easier with being more meatless than almost vegan.  Reading through the magazines as they come in is also now a habit.  So, it’s not all a loss after all.

2012 Recap: 5 Out of 10

Here’s my full list of 2012 goals.

FAIL: I did not find the job I love, launch my website project, try one new restaurant a month, or update my paper trails.

HALFSIES: I did cook a few new recipes a month because of my mystery CSA box; however, I have not consistently blogged about them.  I did not do 20 push-ups and/or crunches everyday consistently; however, I started running and working out consistently.  With these half-won goals, I’m going to out them as one full one. 🙂

DONE: Blog once a month…well, kind of…but Five for Friday is becoming a habit. Play piano/guitar once a month.  Take one trip each season works out really well this year since we couldn’t do any international travel. We went to Temecula for our 10th wedding anniversary earlier in the year.  We took a break and went camping in Santa Barbara and toured Solvang and Los Olivos area in the summer.  Then we hit the road out to New Mexico for Thanksgiving and Las Vegas in December.

CONTINUED SUCCESS:  I rarely leave the house any more so limiting my lunch out and coffee treat to once a week actually is way under control.  Eat a salad for a meal on a non-veggie day is still tough because we really don’t stock a salad mix at the house.  (We’d forget and it’d go bad.)  Italian classes are put on hold due because of my unemployment.

So,  for 2013, I’m going to move the “Keep up with Successes” from #10 goal into its own category and put the “Read 12 books a year” back in as its own goal.

2012 reading list is a bit of a mixed bags.  1Q84 is actually a 3-book novel so I’m counting that as THREE. Okay? ;-D

  1. Days of Blood & Starlight – Laini Taylor — Still reading…
  2. Cold Days – Jim Butcher
  3. The Dovekeepers – Alice Hoffman
  4. 1Q84 (Book 1-3) – Haruki Murakami
  5. Heat Rises – Richard Castle
  6. Unholy Night – Seth Grahame-Smith
  7. The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey — My book of the year!
  8. The Descendants – Kaui Hart Hemmings
  9. How to Steal like an Artist – Austin Kleon
  10. Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor
  11. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making – Catherynne M. Valente

And now, onto 2013. I’m going to reformat them from the past years a bit.

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2013 Goals

1.  Find a job I love

Still sticking with this!

2. Don’t finish last at Race on the Base

Now that I am the Face of the Race, I really can’t come in last. Some might say that I probably should set a goal pace or time to work toward. But that’s not what I want to accomplish. I just want to FINISH, and not be the last one in. That’s all!

3. Be able to do 20 burpees in a row

I’ve started doing some burpees workout last year. It kicked my butt but I really like the feeling of being able to do push-ups. 🙂

4.  Learn Indesign

I have the book on my shelf for the entire year and I haven’t learned anything! I am definitely seeking professional help this year.

5. Make a pie from scratch

Yep. Still afraid to do it. This year, man. I’m gonna! This is also on my Bucket List.

6. Do archery once a month

I have been working out my upper body so I’d have the strength to draw an adult compound bow. I think I’m ready to actually start going back to the range now, working my way to my own bow once #1 is accomplished!

7. Catch up on Doctor Who  

My first Doctor Who episode is when Rose went away. I have started to watch some of the 9th Doctor’s episodes. I still have the entirety of 10th to catch up on!

8. See my BFF Nora once a month

Nora lives down in south Orange County which is not really far when you consider the light weekend traffic.  But we managed to only see each other a few times last year which is just unacceptable. She has agreed that we shall make time for each other. We’re going to make this work!

9. Take old documents to shredder

A few boxes are ready to go in the garage. It’s a matter of getting to them and taking them out!  I know this should be more on the chore list than a goal, but it’s BEEN on the chore list and I can’t seem to get it done!

10. Read 12 books a year

I already have 7 books cued up to go after “Days of Blood & Starlight”. It should be an interesting year of reading.

Alright. You have my goals. Share some of yours!


  1. Divacowgirl   •  

    I’ll probably come in last, hahaha

  2. OakMonster   •  

    No! You will NOT! You’re with me. I’m not coming last. YOU’RE NOT COMING IN LAST!!!! 😀

  3. Resa   •  

    The 10th Doctor!! You’re in for such a wonderful journey!

    Yeah, I’m totes gonna be in the lowest percentile for Race on the Base, but I def just want to finish without walking at any point.

    Also, where do you do archery?

  4. OakMonster   •  

    Archery Outpost right here by our house. When Brandon’s back is done being all jacked up, we can all go!

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