Day 22: Thailand Coup and Food Trucks…it must be Thursday - Thailand Coup 2014

5 Thoughts

  • Thailand has a coup. It’s also a Thursday. My family’s fine. I’m fine. Nothing to see here, folks. Really. It’s not what you think it is. See my friend Greg’s post from the middle of the action.
  • I realized today why I have been feeling a little bit stuffy-headed and a little woozy about the same time at work everyday since I’ve gotten the cold. I should stop taking extra strength cough medicine on empty stomach first thing in the morning. Whoops.
  • Kogi truck went past me when I was coming home from work. So I checked twitter when I got home. Surprised that Brandon was also interested in the hunt. Pain meds must’ve kicked in. Heehee. I found out that they were at our local second-hand sporting goods shop along with Ragin’ Cajun, Bakery Truck, and Dogzilla.
  • Thank goodness Brandon loves Kogi. So, off we went!
  • Kogi tacos for supper. Bakery Truck cream puff for dinner. Tomorrow, Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo for lunch and Kogi chocolate tres leches for afternoon tea. I’m all set!

Today’s Photo - Thailand Coup 2014

That’s all Thai military heads making the coup announcement about Thailand coup. The video is on loop on the government channel–pretty much the only channel left running currently–alternating with patriotic hymns and such. Fun!


The other half of the patty melt from last night.

Second Breakfast

Orange juice.


Baby carrots and a few Lychee.


Salad greens with some diced ham, goat cheese, and cilantro dressing.

It’s the “clean out the fridge” salad, pretty much.

Afternoon Tea

Snapea Crisps


Kogi Barbecue short rib taco and calamari taco, a side of kimchi, and a little bit of Brandon’s short ribs burrito.

The burrito has scrambled eggs in it! And it’s GLORIOUS with kimchi! 


Bakery Truck cream puff.

That pastry cream is perfect, not too sweet, and the puff is light with a little crisp to it. Delicious.


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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